i-CAT Implant and Oral Surgery

The Leader in Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging Introduces the Most Complete 3-D Imaging System for Quicker and More Comprehensive Diagnostic Treatment Planning. Best image quality with less radiation to the patient: ½ the Dose of a Full Mouth Series. NEW Low dose settings for follow-up scans and children.

Evaluate and analyze critical anatomy for IMPLANTS AND ORAL SURGERY within minutes - right in your office Optimize implant treatment and placement and selection of the most suitable implant type, size, location, and angulations prior to surgery.

Precise, cross-sectional slices of any desired location in the maxilla or mandible provide exact anatomical information, including dimensions and locations.

3-D images assist in determining if bone grafting or sinus lift is warranted in areas of insufficient bone for the implant procedure.

More accurate three-dimensional views of impacted molars

Determine more precise tooth position to visualize impaction within the alveolar bone, location relative to adjacent teeth, and proximity to vital structures, such as the nerve canal, sinus walls, and cortical borders.

Detect and evaluate problems before they become serious. Accurately measure bone and jaw deformities, assess bone lesions and changes of the jaw, and detect other pathologies, such as cysts, tumors, and disease.